About Dr James

Welcome to my virtual home!

I have been on the frontline of this pandemic since day one.  First, I was sick with the Coronavirus respiratory illness myself, then worked in NYC as a volunteer and traveling doc during their surges; I also work in metro hospitals in the Midwest and for one of the nation's largest Virtual ICU teams.

I have seen far too many people die because they didn't have access to early treatment for COVID.  I have seen the power of early and effective treatment, and feel a strong ethical obligation to help make that medication available, as well as providing timely counsel until patients are completely well again.

I'm board certified in both general surgery and critical care; with an additional certification in functional medicine.  I was a trauma and acute care surgeon for the first 6 years after training, before I changed to exclusively ICU coverage due to lifestyle choices.


I became certified in functional medicine after 11 years of medical training and 5 years in practice when I realized I needed more tools to most effectively help my patients.


I am committed to protecting autonomy, or patient choice, and will serve as a consultant/advisor/doctor to educate, provide risk/benefit analysis and treatment options.

Security of your medical records and conversations with me are critically important as our communications are under threat.  I have taken added steps to protect your health information by using Swiss-based security and email with HIPPA-level security and encryption.

Your medical records belong to you and you alone, and confidentiality is a huge benefit of using concierge services.  My goal is to provide safe, effective care and provide cost efficiency by helping you avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and offering special pricing for labs and supplements.


Mollie James